JTogether Control Center 6.0 configuration
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JTogether CC 6.0
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This procedure explains how to configure JTogether for avoiding Shaman source directory pollution.

$SHAMAN_ROOT is the root directory of your Shaman development project.
This procedure has been successfully tested with JTogether Control Center 6.0.


Check out latest revision of Shaman from CVS repository.

Create following directories:

  • $SHAMAN_ROOT/doc/jtogether/design
  • $SHAMAN_ROOT/doc/jtogether/srcdiagrams
  • $SHAMAN_ROOT/jtogether

Create a JTogether project, named Shaman, and located in $SHAMAN_ROOT/jtogether. Do not use wizard.

Following directories should be added, with corresponding options :


Will contain all design elements, including dummy source files for design classes.

Options to check:

  • Java source files
  • Design elements files
  • Diagram files

Package prefix: design


Will contain diagrames issued from source files.

Options to check:

  • Design elements files
  • Diagram files


Will contain "real" source files.

Copyright 2002 Laurent Caillette and l'Université René Descartes, Paris 5.
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