Adobe Illustrator 10 SVG save options
Tools configuration
JBuilder Enterprise 7.0
JTogether CC 6.0
Illustrator 10


Adobe Illustrator 10 allows to set SVG options when saving to this format. Some of those options are not supported by Apache Batik 1.5RC1 (the one bundled with Cocoon 2.0.2), and cause image generation to crash. This document describes how to choose correct options.


Those options appear when save format is set to ".SVG".

Standard options :

  • Fonts > subsettings :None
  • Images > location :Embed
  • Preserve Illustrator editing capabilities :checked

Advanced options :

  • CSS Properties :Presentation Attributes
  • Decimal Places :3
  • Encoding :ISO 8859-1
  • All other options :unchecked

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