fr.paris5.shaman The Shaman system.
fr.paris5.shaman.system Contains utilities for managing the Shaman servers.

fr.paris5.shaman.spirit The Spirit subsystem.
fr.paris5.shaman.spirit.insightsource Implementation of insight-content: pseudo-protocol, used in Sitemap for fetching Insight content.
fr.paris5.shaman.spirit.integration Integration tests, using Spirit as entry point.
fr.paris5.shaman.spirit.logicsheet Classes used internally by XSP Logicsheets.

fr.paris5.shaman.legend.ant WebDAV-related Ant tools.

fr.paris5.shaman.insight The Insight subsystem.
fr.paris5.shaman.insight.client Client tools.
fr.paris5.shaman.insight.component Insight manages its services as components.
fr.paris5.shaman.insight.content Defines storage behavior for content resources. Data objects passed as parameters to Operations.
fr.paris5.shaman.insight.integrity Application-specific exceptions.
fr.paris5.shaman.insight.model Buisness Objects, made persistent by Prevayler.
fr.paris5.shaman.insight.operation Operation objects encapsulate "things to do" on the server.
fr.paris5.shaman.insight.server Insight server implementation.
fr.paris5.shaman.insight.server.rmi Insight exposed services.
fr.paris5.shaman.insight.service Insight services definition.

Other Packages
fr.paris5.shaman.util Set of utilities.


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