Spirit design
URI matching
Accessing Insight content

Adding features to Cocoon

Spirit add features to Cocoon in order to obtain :

  • A transparent connexion to a (possibly remote) Insight server.
  • A connexion to a byte stream from Cocoon Sitemap. This connexion is wrapped by Cocoon in a org.apache.cocoon.environment.Source object. See Cocoon documentation for details.
  • A Sitemap matcher which can recognize a Spirit-tailored URL, for selecting the correct formatting pipeline. See Cocoon documentation for details.

This can be expressed with the following technical Use Cases :

Components Use Cases

Note Those Use Cases express a different perspective than Spirit main technical Use Cases, because they focus on what components do instead of what's the system is offering to the client.

Plugging components into Cocoon

Cocoon's main ComponentManager is used for referencing Singletons of InsightDataAccess and InsightManager. See Architecture > Components and Avalon documentation for details.

Managed components

  • InsightManager offers acess to the OperationService, which is, in this case, a RMI client.
  • InsightDataAccess is a higher-level semantic layer for accessing Insight content.

See Spirit cocoon.xconf and sitemap.xmap for components addition examples.

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